The Power (and Boredom) of Iyengar Yoga

My elusive search for a meaningful yoga practice began nearly three decades ago when I was living on New York’s Upper East Side. I was looking to meet spiritually minded people and, in those days, yoga was associated with the crunchy granola set. The practice was still sufficiently foreign that…

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The Selfie Culture of Equinox Fitness

As a young adult in my native Toronto, I worked out at a dilapidated gym known as the “Old Jewish Y.” The moniker was due to Toronto’s Jewish community moving miles north and building a suburban state-of-the-art community center. The original facility was left open as a sop to the…

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In Praise of Great Dentists and Dentistry

Dentistry and medieval torture chambers were once one and the same.   When I was a kid, my dentist didn’t freeze before drilling – he’d just say “open wide for me” and started doing his thing.  Patience wasn’t his strong suit – he’d get quite annoyed if you raised your…

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