4 Must See Comedy Videos With Brilliant Insights

Great comedy often features brilliant insights, so I thought I’d share some videos providing valuable perspectives on Vice President Kamala Harris, America’s pro-Palestinian campus protesters, and the hypocrisy of Hollywood.

The post also features a podcast interview with Columbia student Marie Adele Grosso, who was among the Columbia encampment students arrested and was previously featured in the New York Times. An opportunity to see and hear for yourself the wisdom and knowledge of a college pro-Palestinian protester.

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Why I’m Selling the Brooklyn Bridge for Crypto

For all the lofty talk about blockchains and massive computer systems so powerful they can’t be hacked, it was disclosed in an Australian court this week that is vulnerable to costly errors of Bulgarians with names like Dimitar or Yordanka whose Excel skills are possibly more lacking than mine.

If you’re attracted to cryptocurrencies, I’ve got an alternative asset you might want to consider.

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Detroit skyline in Michigan, USA at sunset shot from Windsor, Ontario Canada

Motown Mike Duggan’s Champagne Tastes

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan revealed last week that he is a politician with champagne tastes and standards. Here’s some other initiatives Duggan’s planning as part of his planned “Detroit – Nothing But The Best” image rebranding campaign.

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Los Angeles, California in the monring from Mulholland Drive.

Welcoming Matt and Kelly Stafford to L.A.

I’m delighted that Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford and his wife Kelly are decamping for L.A. to join the Rams football family. Life in La La Land is going to take some cultural and culinary adjustments, and as a former Detroiter myself I’ve graciously prepared a primer to ease their transition.

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