CBS News’ Ignoble Firing of Catherine Herridge

CBS News’ disgraceful treatment of veteran reporter Catherine Herridge underscores the wisdom of the U.S. public’s low regard for the broadcast networks.

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R.I.P. Los Angeles Times

Three years ago, I posted a column headlined, “Why the L.A. Times Deserves to Fail.” Though I didn’t think it possible, the daily has declined further in the intervening years. If billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong retains ownership, I’m doubtful the publication will survive.

Count me among the Angelenos who won’t mourn the loss.

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Boeing’s Woes Deeper Than Publicly Known

Such is the sorry state of American journalism that so far only one publication has refused to rely on Boeing and FAA PR statements in reporting about what led to the recent near catastrophic Alaska Airlines disaster at 16,000 feet.

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Lloyd Austin and America’s Leadership Crisis

It’s a wonder how anyone can have confidence in the U.S. government and the leadership of major corporations and universities these days. The institutions that Americans long have trusted and took pride in are fast declining.

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Hamas Barbarians Play Biased Media for Fools

The mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, should be ashamed and doing some serious soul searching.

Rest assured, they aren’t.

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“The Donald” vs. “Comrade Bernie” MI Showdown

If Donald Trump makes good on his plans to visit Detroit next week to schmooze striking auto workers, he will be facing Sen. Bernie Sanders’ formidable UAW surrogates and Ford Motor Co., a corporation that openly supports keeping him out of office.

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Grand Rapids, MI, has long had an outsized influence on America. It is my hope the city’s residents will make a national example of their NBC affiliate and boycott the station until anchor Michele DeSelms apologizes for unfairly dissing them as hate mongers who support gay discrimination.

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Hillary Clinton Undermined America’s Democracy

A critical revelation in the 305-page report issued by special prosecutor John Durham this week was that those who shouted the loudest Donald Trump was a major threat to America’s Democracy were the ones Americans should most fear.

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