DeSantis to WaPo: Kish Mir in Tuchas

The Washington Post posted a profile this morning about Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who declined to speak with the once nationally respected publication. Here’s why DeSantis’ diss was a watershed moment in American politics and journalism.
An added bonus is an opportunity to learn a once popular Yiddish expression.

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The Media’s Takedown of Elon Musk

The media is out to take down Elon Musk, and last week they demonstrated how low they’re willing to go. Here’s why Americans must draw a line in the sand and show zero tolerance for the media’s dishonest and puerile agenda.

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FDA’s ‘Horse Drug’ a Potential Cancer Cure?

While the FDA last year was promoting a certain drug as intended for horses, U.S., Chinese, and Japanese researchers were studying the supposed veterinary medicine as a possible cure for cancer. The results so far have been promising, with City of Hope Medical Center, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, scheduled to begin a Phase II trial on June 10.

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Geppetto`s house with Pinocchio on the table setup in Disneystore located at Shibuya, Tokyo

Liar, Liar, Ford’s On Fire

Given the ethical state of the legacy media these days, it comes as no surprise that Ford’s $19.2 million multistate settlement for deceptive advertising was mostly ignored. Here’s why the settlement was a very big deal.

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Group of happy young people having dinner in the restaurant

Lyndsay Green’s Issue with Detroit’s White Diners

I’m possibly the only person who dares to publicly challenge the recent diatribe by Detroit Free Press restaurant columnist Lyndsay Green about too many whites frequenting a handful of swanky restaurants in downtown Detroit.

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Research laboratory. Interior of a modern chemical and biological research laboratory.

The Canceling of Dr. David Sabatini

A story by an intrepid young reporter named Suzy Weiss about the cancellation of Dr. David Sabitini should serve as a Rosa Parks moment in combating the cancer of cancel culture. The cancer reference is especially apropos because Sabatini was possibly well on his way to finding a cure for the disease but now finds himself unemployed and without purpose.

Weiss made a compelling case that Sabitini got a raw deal. Regardless, the allegations against him didn’t merit canceling a gifted scientist who many believe was destined for a Nobel Prize.

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Houston Methodist’s Needless Stent Surgeries

Given Houston Methodist’s public trashing of ENT doc Mary Talley Bowden for allegedly practicing medicine “not based in science,” it’s notable the Texas hospital, ranked among the best in the country, has been cited by a healthcare think tank for being the national leader performing stent surgeries on the elderly in the first year of the pandemic. The “science” is conclusive that most stent surgeries are unnecessary and potentially harmful.

Cleveland Clinic, another top-rated hospital whose CEO is a world-renowned cardiac surgeon, tied Houston Methodist for its dubious distinction.

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Musk’s Massage & the Media’s White Privilege

The New York Times and other media have reported that a story published by an online clickbait publication alleging that Elon Musk exposed himself during a massage could derail his proposed acquisition of Twitter. It speaks volumes that the media thinks the dubiously sourced story is of much greater significance than a report by California’s civil rights commission alleging systemic racism at Tesla’s Northern California plant.

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LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 14, 2015: Hillary Clinton, former U.S. secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, speaks at Hillary for America Nevada Rally, Springs Preserve Amphitheater

Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Tricksters

Does the name Michael Sussmann mean anything to you? If it doesn’t, you are blissfully unaware of the Russiagate scandal that in my mind rivals the enormity of Watergate, arguably more so.

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