Grand Rapids, MI, has long had an outsized influence on America. It is my hope the city’s residents will make a national example of their NBC affiliate and boycott the station until anchor Michele DeSelms apologizes for unfairly dissing them as hate mongers who support gay discrimination.

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Hillary Clinton Undermined America’s Democracy

A critical revelation in the 305-page report issued by special prosecutor John Durham this week was that those who shouted the loudest Donald Trump was a major threat to America’s Democracy were the ones Americans should most fear.

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Donald Trump’s Gourmet Filet-O-Kaitlin Collins

Just as children shouldn’t play with matches, a news network shouldn’t place an inexperienced anchor in the interview ring with Donald Trump.

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Kristen Go and the Cancer of Woke Journalism

CalMatters is a publication that I perceive strives to report fairly and without bias. Here’s why I’m alarmed the nonprofit has tapped a veteran top editor from Gannett’s USA Today.

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WaPo: Where Democracy Dies in Deceptions

The mainstream media has developed a new genre of reporting which I’ve dubbed Winston journalism, a reference to Orwell’s “1984” character whose job at Oceania’s Ministry of Truth was to turn lies into truths and truths into lies. The Washington Post has turned Winston journalism into an art form, with writers Glenn Kessler, Taylor Lorenz, and Phil Bump among the best practitioners, but opinion economics columnist Catherine Rampell is indisputably the grande dame of the genre.

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Soros, Cohen, Win Bigly Ignoring Media Wisdom

The smartest money on Wall Street bet big against the mistaken Tesla wisdom the U.S. business media and some investment “experts” peddled in last year’s fourth quarter.

The legacy media’s reporting on America’s legacy automakers is pretty shameful. They deserve each other.

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New York City, USA - June 20, 2018: New York Times Headquarter in Midtown of Manhattan

New York Times: The Newspaper of (False) Record

The New York Times has long enjoyed the reputation of being the “newspaper of record.” It’s time the public realized that reputation is no longer deserved.

The publication’s silence on Project Veritas’ Pfizer videos viewed by millions of people serves as a case study of its ever-increasing dishonesty and bias.

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Substack Truth Tellers are Protecting Democracy

America’s corporate media journalists fashion themselves as the protectors of America’s democracy. In fact, they are looking to destroy it peddling their false narratives with abandon.

Here’s where to find some real truth tellers.

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Pfizer’s Orwellian Power & Misguided Crisis Plan

Pfizer is betting that mainstream and social media will continue to successfully suppress news about damning allegations purportedly made by one of its top vaccine executives in a secretly recorded video filmed by the controversial organization Project Veritas. Here’s why the video can’t easily be dismissed and why Pfizer’s crisis management strategy might backfire.

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