Mayor Pete’s and Scott Kirby’s Woeful Leadership

Americans willing to accept Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and United CEO Scott Kirby remaining in their jobs must embrace the years of airline travel misery that awaits them.

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Travelers Beware! Hertz Will Put You in an EV

Surveys show that most Americans are becoming increasingly leery of electric vehicles, but there’s a high likelihood that travelers renting from Hertz this summer will be given one.
Says a writer for The Atlantic who experienced the switcheroo: “(EVs) are great, potentially planet-saving machines, but the ordeal made me want to wage a slash-and-burn campaign against all of them.”

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America’s Mistakenly Entitled Restaurant Workers

Americans are the most generous people in the world. It’s time they stopped the U.S. restaurant industry taking advantage of them.

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The Perilous Misery of Airline Travel

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t read at least one story about an airline flight being diverted because of a disruptive passenger. Here’s why my sympathies increasingly lie with the disruptive passenger.

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How to Mercilessly Punish U.S. Airlines

Americans were once famed for a “rugged individualism” so fierce it sparked a revolution. The defiant spirit has diminished over the centuries, but hopefully there are still Americans with some fight in them.

In the tradition of the Massachusetts colonists responsible for the “Boston Tea Party” protesting taxation tyranny, here’s how to oppose the tyranny of the U.S. airline cartel and make Delta, United, and American feel some real financial pain while lining your pockets with extra cash.

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