How to Mercilessly Punish U.S. Airlines

Americans were once famed for a “rugged individualism” so fierce it sparked a revolution. The defiant spirit has diminished over the centuries, but hopefully there are still Americans with some fight in them.

In the tradition of the Massachusetts colonists responsible for the “Boston Tea Party” protesting taxation tyranny, here’s how to oppose the tyranny of the U.S. airline cartel and make Delta, United, and American feel some real financial pain while lining your pockets with extra cash.

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Woman sat back in a reclining seat and man behind the closely - discomfort and saving money concept

The Selfishness of Airplane Seat Decliners

People who recline their seats on airplanes say their behavior is justified because airlines allow the practice. Here’s my explanation: They’re just plain selfish.

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CALGARY, CANADA - JULY 18: Air Canada commercial planes on the tarmac of Calgary International Airport July 18, 2014. Opened in 1938, the airport offers non-stop flights to major cities in North America, Europe and East Asia.

Why Canadians Suffer Horrific Air Canada

My commentary in support and solidarity with the countless Air Canada passengers in 222 cities on six continents who found themselves in travel hell these past few weeks. Maybe it’s time Canadians rebelled against corporate monopolies that exploit their tolerance and good nature.

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Delta’s Bogus Seat “Confirmations”

If it were not for an understanding supervisor, this post would be a rant about Delta Air Lines and its deceptive reservation policies. Thanks to the supervisor, I understand Delta’s duplicity, and I appreciate its willingness to make things right. Unlike United and some other competitors, Delta isn’t devoid of…

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