The Genius of McKinsey Consultants?

A recent New York Times expose on the Providence “nonprofit” hospital system served as yet another reminder that McKinsey consultants might not be the business geniuses they are cracked up to be, particularly in healthcare and media.

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Centene’s Sarah London: A Do-Gooder Gone Bad?

When Centene’s brainiac CEO Sarah London went into healthcare after graduating with an MBA from the prestigious University of Chicago it appears unlikely that she imagined herself eventually leading one of the industry’s most ethically challenged companies.

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Why Hospital CEOs Are Running Scared

The American Hospital Association last week began priming the PR pump for another taxpayer bailout. This time the AHA faces some formidable opponents to the business practices of the association’s leaders and members.

Said one industry critic: Hospital prices are “indefensible” and “unsustainable.”

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Tina Freese Decker’s Shameful Invoking of MLK

Tina Freese Decker, CEO of Michigan’s biggest hospital network, has a well-worn record making disingenuous statements fraught with saccharine and PR spin. But she went too far invoking the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. in a memo to employees on Friday announcing plans to fire 400 people.

As former Detroit News editor Bob Giles learned the hard way, invoking King’s name to promote employee firings can have serious consequences.

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On My Mind – August 29, 2022

Some thoughts on Twitter’s whistleblower, the similarities of Elon Musk and P.T. Barnum, the New York Times and the Washington Post carrying water for the Deep State, the surge in Adderall prescriptions, and my prescience about Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Joe Biden’s Wing and a Prayer EV Conversion

Barack Obama reportedly once said, “Don’t underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f— things up.” The Biden Administration’s wing and prayer electric vehicles policies demonstrate Obama knew what he was talking about.

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James Butler & Ford’s $1.7 Billion Legal Reckoning

Meet James Butler, the lead plaintiff counsel responsible for the landmark $1.7 billion product liability award a Georgia jury last week issued against Ford Motor Co. Butler shared some pointed comments about Ford after the company defiantly issued a statement saying the verdict wasn’t “supported by the evidence” and that it planned to appeal.

Companies that choose to do legal battle with Butler do so at their own risk. Butler has secured eight verdicts in excess of $100 million, four of them records at the time they were awarded.

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Unsafe At Any Speed Redux

A $1.7 billion verdict a Georgia jury hit Ford Motor Co. with last Friday was likely illustrative of the anger the public would exude if they understood the faulty products the automotive industry knowingly foists on consumers. The accelerated conversion to electric vehicles will undoubtably make matters worse.

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Congress to U.S. Workers: Screw You!

Every working- and middle-class American, and Americans who still love and care about their country, should understand why JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon last week told his bank’s wealthiest clients that one of his few securities investments is a Mexican ETF.

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