China’s Deserved Electric Vehicles Supremacy

President Biden recently slimed China’s communist government and its automotive industry entrepreneurs with a false accusation they achieved their EV supremacy because they cheated. In fact, China achieved its EV supremacy because that country’s communist government is run by bureaucrats who run circles around the Biden Administration’s energy and transportation officials and its EV automotive leaders put GM’s and Ford’s to shame.

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California Profits From Michigan’s Decline

Michigan has been on a downward trajectory for many years. GM CEO Mary Barra just drove another nail in her state’s economic coffin and reaffirmed that news of California’s technology leadership death is greatly exaggerated.

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The Ties That Bind Google and UAW Workers

Google was long hailed as the gold standard of what was once known as HR management. It’s telling how much in common Google employees share with UAW autoworkers these days, including some similarities that are very unflattering.

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Ford University: Higher Ed for Auto Sales & Service

Determining how best to harness and apply AI is all the rage these days, and CEOs are paid the big bucks because of their supposedly superior smarts to figure it out. At Ford, whose CEO Jim Farley received more than $60 million in compensation these past three years, the company plans to use AI to create Hollywood quality “edutainment” videos that it hopes will steal viewers from Netflix and Amazon and bolster the sales and service capabilities of its dealerships.

Let’s just say I’m a tad skeptical.

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DOJ’s McKinsey Criminal Probe (LHOL)

The Wall Street Journal recently reported an “exclusive” story that the Justice Department is investigating McKinsey & Co. for its opioids consulting work. Here’s why the story reflects poorly on the Journal and the Department of Justice.

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Boeing’s Shameful PR Shuck and Jive

The U.S. media is failing the U.S. public with its lame coverage of Boeing’s implosion, serving as stenographers for the troubled company’s PR spin. Hard as it might be to believe, two decades ago the media aggressively pursued and questioned corporate wrongdoing and celebrated the brave souls who dared to call it out.

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A Tale of Two Awesome Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers have a bad rap, and legions of critics say they aren’t deserving of their hefty commissions. That’s true of many, if not most, brokers but there are some who are worth their weights in gold.

Here’s a story about two of them, one in New York City and one in San Francisco, and why a person who buys real estate without the counsel of a seasoned broker has a fool for a client.

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Ford: America’s No. 1 Corporate Deadbeat

Ford pays its top executives more than it pays in taxes and is the third biggest moocher of taxpayer monies. Not what one would expect from a company that claims it’s “All In On America.”

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