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Powell Miller’s $15,000 Heroic Dog Rescue

If you love dogs and appreciate the bonds they form with those who care for them, you’ll be touched by the heroism of Detroit-area hotshot attorney E. Powell Miller. Yet another example of Pure Michigan Niceness.

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Ben Jr. turned five yesterday. I would have preferred to mark the occasion with a hike and our version of fetch when I throw the ball and then run to retrieve it, but I knew he’d prefer hanging with his doggie day care friends than spending time with his old…

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Lessons Learned from Doggie Parenthood

I dreamed of owning a dog from the moment I watched my first episode of Lassie. For those born after the series ended in 1973, it was a TV show about the heroic adventures of a Collie named Lassie who was always rescuing people and saving them from misfortune. Lassie…

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Protecting Rover and Kitty from Wall Street’s Greed

I once had a client who earlier worked as the CFO for a Wall Street firm buying up veterinary practices and hospitals. He liked the number crunching part of his job but disliked another function he was expected to perform: Chastising vets for not meeting the company’s targets for X-rays,…

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