Money tree with banknotes in pot among desert. Mixed media

Joe Biden’s Mockery of Climate Change Warnings

It’s a wonder how any thinking person could take President Biden’s warnings about climate change seriously and his supposedly unwavering commitment to save the planet.

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UAW’s Embrace and Promotion of Antisemitism

Critics of President Biden’s decision to halt weapons shipments to Israel say he was kowtowing to the antisemitic supporters of the Democratic Party. Among the most die-hard antisemitic supporters is the UAW, whose endorsement Biden coveted and ultimately received.

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The White Privilege of Columbia’s Jew Haters

Watching the videos of the Columbia University protesters these past few days I wondered how these students gained admission to a supposedly prestigious university. Here’s some insight about the backgrounds of some of them and what they share in common.

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R.I.P. Los Angeles Times

Three years ago, I posted a column headlined, “Why the L.A. Times Deserves to Fail.” Though I didn’t think it possible, the daily has declined further in the intervening years. If billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong retains ownership, I’m doubtful the publication will survive.

Count me among the Angelenos who won’t mourn the loss.

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Elon Musk Should Go F*** Himself

It’s admirable if Musk is so true to his beliefs and morals that he’s willing to tell advertisers to go f*** themselves if they don’t like how his X platform is perceived. I’d more admire advertisers who respond in kind and say, “Elon, back at you.”

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Elon Musk and the Politics of Jew Hatred

The furor over Elon Musk’s implicit antisemitic comment that Jews promote white hatred is driven by the media’s dislike of the technology entrepreneur and not a genuine concern about growing and pervasive Jew hatred.

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