San Francisco: The Detroit of California

If Detroit’s economic history is a guide, the closing of Nordstrom’s massive department store in downtown San Francisco possibly means San Francisco has reached the point of no return. The two cities already share much in common.

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10 Companies That Make Me Happy

Happy people supposedly think happy thoughts. So as an experiment, instead of stewing about the decline of customer service while waiting on hold and listening to the dreaded, “Due to heavier call volume” message, I challenged myself to name 10 companies I enjoy doing business with.

The envelopes please …

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R.I.P. Bed Bath & Beyond

I’ve had a soft spot for Bed Bath & Beyond since an ex-girlfriend took me there to buy sheets there some two decades ago. It was before the ubiquitous age of Amazon, and I was delighted to find a wide assortment of household products at great prices in a free-standing…

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