America: Where Democracy Shines for Rich Folks

Some thoughts on why Democracy in the U.S. shines brighter for the one percent; how Ford Motor Co. can leverage its legal prowess; and beware of the fire dangers of a Ford truck and a Jaguar electric SUV parked alongside each other.

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The Night the Lights Go Out in America

Americans have developed an expectation that when they flip a light switch, the lights come on. Thanks to Biden Administration policies and legislation in various states, Americans had best prepare themselves for repeated periods of blackouts.

On the reliable energy front, China’s citizens are being served much better.

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Hillary Clinton Undermined America’s Democracy

A critical revelation in the 305-page report issued by special prosecutor John Durham this week was that those who shouted the loudest Donald Trump was a major threat to America’s Democracy were the ones Americans should most fear.

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America’s Unsustainable Wealth Disparity

Some thoughts on America’s growing wealth disparity, why the reported looming bankruptcy of Envision Healthcare merits consideration for the return of guillotines, and the NHTSA’s demand for the recall of 67 million airbags manufactured by Tennessee-based ARC Automotive is potentially a very, very, big deal.

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Donald Trump’s Gourmet Filet-O-Kaitlin Collins

Just as children shouldn’t play with matches, a news network shouldn’t place an inexperienced anchor in the interview ring with Donald Trump.

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UAW: Rodney Dangerfield of American Labor

The UAW increasingly and deservedly commands little respect, even among its own members. The insulting and instantly rejected contract the union negotiated for workers at a suburban Toledo battery plant is an example of the UAW better serving management interests.

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Kristen Go and the Cancer of Woke Journalism

CalMatters is a publication that I perceive strives to report fairly and without bias. Here’s why I’m alarmed the nonprofit has tapped a veteran top editor from Gannett’s USA Today.

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San Francisco: The Detroit of California

If Detroit’s economic history is a guide, the closing of Nordstrom’s massive department store in downtown San Francisco possibly means San Francisco has reached the point of no return. The two cities already share much in common.

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Democracy Stands Trial in Marshall, Michigan

The City Council of Marshall in rural Michigan on Monday is scheduled to vote whether to uphold or reject a decision by a Joint Planning Commission to deny a rezoning request that would have allowed Ford Motor Co. to build a lithium battery plant on fertile farmland. A Michigan economic development person is on record as saying it doesn’t matter what the elected officials decide, the plant will get built.

So much for all of Ford’s talk about “building trust” with the communities where it operates.

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