Google’s Fired Workers Reaped What They Sowed

Some thoughts on Google firing employees via email, the MLK cluelessness PageDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada and Corewell Health CEO Tina Freese Decker share, and my relief learning that legendary hockey player Paul Henderson just celebrated his 80th birthday.

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A Primer on EV Alternatives to Elon Musk’s Tesla

The media has declared the Tesla brand is dead, thanks to Elon Musk’s Twitter antics. As a public service for those who refuse to buy a Tesla in protest, I’ve prepared a primer on some alternative electric vehicles and some details about the people and companies that make them.

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A Lesson for Disney from Hallmark’s Wonya Lucas

Reflecting on the lyrics to the “Deck the Hall” Christmas carol last night allowed me to discover the impressive diversity and more inclusive programming the Hallmark cable channel has achieved in the past two years without generating one iota of controversy. Here’s what happens when a corporate CEO quietly implements meaningful change without broadcasting to the world that’s her end game.

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Why Mainstream Journalists Fear Matt Taibbi

Journalism was once a profession dominated by people who wanted to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Independent journalist Matt Taibbi still adheres to that principle, which is why the mainstream media wants to take him down.

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Vladimir, Russia - January 2022: FTX cryptocurrency trading application on a smartphone in hand against the background of monitors with financial charts. Selective focus on the logo.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alleged History of Deceit

To dismiss the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange as a trading story is akin to labeling Watergate a burglary incident. The scandal raises issues about the valuations of storied venture capital firms and Silicon Valley’s cozy relationship with Congressional Democrats.

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On My Mind: November 17, 2022

Some thoughts on why lawyers for Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes convinced me she deserves significant jail time; a misguided advocate’s attempts to cancel Henry Ford in Detroit because of his antisemitism; the resurging demand for manual transmissions; and fall colors in West Los Angeles.

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Beware of the Smartest Guys in the Room

The collapse of crypto exchange FTX serves as yet another reminder as to why the public should be wary of executives the media peddles as geniuses, particularly when they profess to adhere to the highest standards of morals and ethics.

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Magician showing tricks with hat on dark background

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Hocus Pocus Crypto

How’s this for a modern-day version of the sitcom hit “Friends?”: A group of tech nerds are given $2 billion by some of the smartest people in Silicon Valley and Wall Street to create a crypto exchange. Instead of living in a Manhattan apartment they live in a $30 million, five-bedroom penthouse in a luxury residential complex in the Bahamas. To spice things up, some of these friends formerly dated each other.

A far-fetched plot? This is just a smattering of the real-life story about the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX and its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried. Here’s the FTX scandal explained for those who don’t understand cryptocurrency and some info on critical people the media has so far ignored or glossed over.

Rest assured, this will make one heck of a Hollywood movie.

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Karma Bites Back Elon Musk with a Vengeance

I’ve tired of Elon Musk, and I suspect I’m not alone in my weariness. While I’d never bet against the Chief Twit, he would be wise to watch himself. The universe is sending him a message.

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Cerberus’ Fleecing of Albertsons and America

This will come as a shock to the media, but most Americans, particularly those with families to feed, couldn’t care one iota about what Elon Musk charges for his blue Twitter checkmarks. A story of greater importance is Kroger’s acquisition of Albertsons, which will likely increase already soaring food prices.

The takeover has a private equity wrinkle that even by that industry’s immoral and unscrupulous practices is obscene. Fortunately, a half dozen attorneys general are fighting the good fight to prevent a $4 billion smash and grab.

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