CEO Hall of Shame: Andi Owen & James Clarke

Social media was aghast last week as leaked videos of Zoom calls revealed the lack of empathy the CEOs of MillerKnoll and Clearlink showed their employees. Observers uniformly blamed the disparity of CEO pay for the insensitivity, but research shows that lack of empathy is among the psychopathic traits that land CEOs their corner offices.

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Sen. John Fetterman’s Depression Triumph

Some thoughts on how to instantly incentivize Congress to pass bipartisan healthcare reform legislation, Cigna’s mockery of its supposed ethics and principles, and a shoutout to Ohio AG Dave Yost for his pursuit of evil healthcare “gangsters.”

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Lina Khan: God’s Gift to Hospital CEOs & Amazon

President Biden in July 2021 called on the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission to “vigorously” enforce antitrust laws and recognize “that the law allows them to challenge prior bad mergers that past Administrations did not previously challenge.” FTC head Lina Khan chose to ignore the message and allow two mega-mergers, and today signaled to Amazon she won’t move to block the company’s acquisition of One Medical.

Also abetting hospital industry mega mergers is Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.

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Why I Distrust Alexa and My Roomba

An unsolicited offer from Alexa this week prompted my discovery to the extent of Amazon’s and Google’s violation of my privacy and the marketing power Amazon will achieve if allowed to acquire One Medical and iRobot.

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FDA Hero Marion Gruber Joins Vaccine Nonprofit

When the history of the pandemic is written, few, if any, heroes will likely emerge from the Biden Administration, the FDA and CDC. Former FDA vaccine chief Marion Gruber and her deputy Phil Krause were the notable exceptions.

Learning this morning where Gruber has landed made my day.

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New York City, USA - June 20, 2018: New York Times Headquarter in Midtown of Manhattan

New York Times: The Newspaper of (False) Record

The New York Times has long enjoyed the reputation of being the “newspaper of record.” It’s time the public realized that reputation is no longer deserved.

The publication’s silence on Project Veritas’ Pfizer videos viewed by millions of people serves as a case study of its ever-increasing dishonesty and bias.

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Substack Truth Tellers are Protecting Democracy

America’s corporate media journalists fashion themselves as the protectors of America’s democracy. In fact, they are looking to destroy it peddling their false narratives with abandon.

Here’s where to find some real truth tellers.

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