Beware of CVS-Branded Over-the-Counter Drugs!

Reading Bloomberg’s frightening analysis of CVS-branded medicines, I’m opting to pay more for name brand OTC drugs. My guess is that if you become aware of Bloomberg’s findings, so will you.

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Dr. Mary Talley Bowden’s FDA Triumph

The FDA thought it was very clever three years ago maligning a drug called ivermectin as veterinary medicine. Here’s the story how a Houston ENT doc made the FDA look like a horse’s derriere.

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The NHTSA Heroes Seeking to Protect 140 Lives

Here’s a real-world morality question: Should automakers be required to spend billions of dollars to potentially protect 140 lives from death and injury? As far as some unsung heroes at the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration are concerned, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

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The Mocking of a Cybertrucker’s Manhood

The Center for Automotive Safety recently questioned the manhood of anyone who would buy Elon Musk’s Cybertruck because it weighs some 6,000 pounds. CAS was stereotyping in its assumption that only insecure men would be attracted to a monster electric pickup.

Turns out the most famous driver of GM’s EV Hummer, which weighs more than 9,000 pounds, is a woman.

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CEO Hall of Shame: Andi Owen & James Clarke

Social media was aghast last week as leaked videos of Zoom calls revealed the lack of empathy the CEOs of MillerKnoll and Clearlink showed their employees. Observers uniformly blamed the disparity of CEO pay for the insensitivity, but research shows that lack of empathy is among the psychopathic traits that land CEOs their corner offices.

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Sen. John Fetterman’s Depression Triumph

Some thoughts on how to instantly incentivize Congress to pass bipartisan healthcare reform legislation, Cigna’s mockery of its supposed ethics and principles, and a shoutout to Ohio AG Dave Yost for his pursuit of evil healthcare “gangsters.”

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Lina Khan: God’s Gift to Hospital CEOs & Amazon

President Biden in July 2021 called on the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission to “vigorously” enforce antitrust laws and recognize “that the law allows them to challenge prior bad mergers that past Administrations did not previously challenge.” FTC head Lina Khan chose to ignore the message and allow two mega-mergers, and today signaled to Amazon she won’t move to block the company’s acquisition of One Medical.

Also abetting hospital industry mega mergers is Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.

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