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Mary Barra’s Electric Vehicle Pipe Dreams

The more GM’s Mary Barra and Ford’s Jim Farley talk, the more I appreciate the genius of Elon Musk and the possible invincibility Tesla’s EV dominance for many years to come.

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The businessman controlling the market with strings

Elon Musk Makes Mockery of U.S. Stock Market

Elon Musk so far is laughing all the way to the bank with his supposed bid to acquire Twitter. Here’s why investors should be concerned by his antics.

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SACRAMENTO, USA - SEPTEMBER 13: ARCO pump station on September 13, 2013 in Sacramento, California. Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) is an American oil company with more than 1,300 gas stations in the western part of the US.

Why America Needs Higher Gas Prices

President Biden promised on Monday “to work like the devil” to bring down gas prices, but he’s mistaken. America’s working-class people need to do more to facilitate the transfer of wealth to America’s one percent. At the end of the day, America’s electric vehicle policies are designed to do just that.

Please allow me to explain why.

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KRABI, THAILAND - MARCH 08, 2018: Closeup of Elon Musk Twitter Profile and Picture

Elon Musk’s Two Faces

In China, Elon Musk is a poster boy for government respect and acquiescence. He’s shown nothing but disdain and disrespect for U.S. regulatory agencies and leaders, and now Musk is claiming victim status.

According to California’s Fair Employment Commission, the real victims are Black employees working in Tesla’s factory.

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Hacker using laptop. Hacking the Internet.

The Payroll Carnage From The Kronos Hack

It’s a measure of the sorry state of U.S. media that one of the most devastating ransomware attacks of all time has received virtually no coverage. Millions of workers, including frontline hospital, police, and firefighters, know what I’m talking about.

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