Carlos Tavares’ Inspiring Stellantis Leadership

The media isn’t fond of Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares because he says demand for EVs are artificially driven by government mandates and subsidies and complying with those mandates could lead to a shortage of raw materials necessary to produce enough battery driven vehicles.

Nevertheless, Stellantis has ambitious EV plans for the U.S. market, including launching a truck with 500 miles of range that could prove a competitive threat to GM’s and Ford’s lucrative truck businesses.

Unlike the CEOs of GM and Ford, Tavares has demonstrated he knows how to execute.

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Joe Biden’s Colossal Electric Vehicles Debacle

If Americans understood the billions of their taxpayer dollars the Biden Administration is squandering pursuing its failed EV policies, they might finally demand the competent political and corporate leadership that’s so desperately needed. The linked story is my attempt to generate some necessary collective anger.

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When AI + DEI = BS

Do the names Ilit Raz, Abraham Shafi, Charlie Javice, and Crystal Huang mean anything to you? If they don’t you are blissfully unaware of some alleged fraud that has been revealed in the upstart tech industry by millennial CEOs who were backed by respected names in the VC industry.

Sam Bankman-Fried was possibly just the tip of the iceberg.

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Travelers Beware! Hertz Will Put You in an EV

Surveys show that most Americans are becoming increasingly leery of electric vehicles, but there’s a high likelihood that travelers renting from Hertz this summer will be given one.
Says a writer for The Atlantic who experienced the switcheroo: “(EVs) are great, potentially planet-saving machines, but the ordeal made me want to wage a slash-and-burn campaign against all of them.”

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Why Ford and GM Won’t Survive the EV World

I’ve long been someone who viewed the world differently, but never have I been so out of step with conventional wisdom than with my critical view that China has put America’s political and automotive leadership to shame.

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Chase Bank Customers Beware!!!

Many Americans choose Chase because they perceive America’s biggest bank as the safest place to park their money. Here’s some information about legions of people across the U.S. who learned the hard way that’s not necessarily the case.

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Elon Musk’s Self-Driving Snake Oil?

This won’t come as a surprise to those who appreciate that Elon Musk is ethically challenged: A German publication received reams of data from a whistleblower that revealed customer complaints about Tesla’s self-driving Autopilot technology allegedly are far more extensive than regulators and critics are possibly aware.

Tesla has a strategy to ensure these complaints don’t find their way into lawsuits.

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Ford, GM: Symbols of America’s Decline

Sorry to be a spoilsport, but Ford’s ballyhooed announcement that buyers of its electric vehicles will have partial access to Tesla’s Supercharger network is yet another reminder of the sorry state of America’s once proud and mighty automakers.

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