CEO Hall of Shame: Andi Owen & James Clarke

Social media was aghast last week as leaked videos of Zoom calls revealed the lack of empathy the CEOs of MillerKnoll and Clearlink showed their employees. Observers uniformly blamed the disparity of CEO pay for the insensitivity, but research shows that lack of empathy is among the psychopathic traits that land CEOs their corner offices.

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Bud Light’s Transgender Tempest in a Teapot?

America was a deeply divided country in the early to mid-70s, and U.S. marketers created brilliant advertising promoting harmony and laughter. America is again divided, but today’s marketers have agendas and seek to fan the flames of anger and discontent. Alissa Heinerscheid, who oversees marketing at Bud Light, is responsible for the latest furor, which sadly will likely blow over in short order.

I’d welcome making an example of Bud Light.

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WaPo: Where Democracy Dies in Deceptions

The mainstream media has developed a new genre of reporting which I’ve dubbed Winston journalism, a reference to Orwell’s “1984” character whose job at Oceania’s Ministry of Truth was to turn lies into truths and truths into lies. The Washington Post has turned Winston journalism into an art form, with writers Glenn Kessler, Taylor Lorenz, and Phil Bump among the best practitioners, but opinion economics columnist Catherine Rampell is indisputably the grande dame of the genre.

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Sen. John Fetterman’s Depression Triumph

Some thoughts on how to instantly incentivize Congress to pass bipartisan healthcare reform legislation, Cigna’s mockery of its supposed ethics and principles, and a shoutout to Ohio AG Dave Yost for his pursuit of evil healthcare “gangsters.”

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When U.S. Bankers Commanded Respect

What ultimately destroyed Silicon Valley Bank were the pillars of America’s mega-rich venture capital community who chose to torch the place. There was a time when America’s banks and bankers were the pillars of their communities.

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