Stephen M. Ross: Michigan’s NFL Disgrace

A primer on billionaire Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross, the hypocrisy of University of Michigan’s business school alumni, and why Democracy Dies Near Midnight in the Great Lakes State.

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Kyrsten Sinema: Wall St.’s Guardian Angel

“Until the average American realizes that capitalism damages her livelihood while augmenting the livelihoods of the wealthy, the Almighty Dollar will continue to rule.”

Does this sentiment seem consistent with a Democratic Senator who singlehandedly protected super wealthy private equity partners and investment money managers from losing a tax loophole that saves them tens of millions of dollars in taxes?

Allow me to introduce you to Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, easily among the most enigmatic persons ever elected to Congress, and the Senator of choice for more than 50 billionaires, only one of whom lives in the Grand Canyon State.

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Gavin Newsom’s White Male Privilege

Joke’s on you if you think the Green New Deal is solely about saving the environment. It’s increasingly about putting more green in the hands of the 1 percent at the expense of the middle and working class.

Gavin Newsom, California’s multimillionaire governor, is doing his part to protect the super-rich from getting hit with a tax that would fund his ambitious environmental goals. Here’s some insight on the guy who thinks he’d make a great president.

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Congress’ Make the Rich Richer Bill

The proposed Inflation Reduction Act concocted by Senate Democrats is shameful public policy that incentivizes GM and Ford to continue building in Mexico their highly profitable luxury electric vehicles most Americans can’t afford. The bill also disfavors GM and Ford competitors who build better and more reliable EVs.

Adding insult to injury, the proposed bill allows private equity billionaires to maintain an obscene tax break that even Bill Ackman has publicly called “a stain on the tax code.”

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Dr. Mary Bowden vs. The Establishment

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, the maligned ENT doc who refused to be bullied into abandoning a Covid treatment protocol she insists was responsible for keeping some 4,000 patients out of the hospital, filed a defamation lawsuit this week against Houston Medical, one of the most powerful institutions in Texas. At stake is not only Bowden’s reputation, but that of America’s medical establishment.

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Ford’s Farley Played Biden for Fool

In his March State of the Union address and again last month, President Biden was celebrating Ford’s commitment to invest in America and expand its workforce here.

Bloomberg reported today that Ford is looking to cut as much as 26 percent of its salaried workforce in the U.S. Meanwhile, the company has significantly expanded its engineering and other critical operations in Mexico and India.

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Andy Levin’s Vile AIPAC Smear

“It’s all about the Benjamins baby.”

That was Rep. Ilan Omar’s infamous 2019 tweet accusing the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC of having undue influence on U.S. politics. Michigan Rep. Andy Levin is trying to smear his liberal AIPAC-supported primary opponent with the same argument, albeit a tad more subtly.

Here’s some insight about J Street, the supposedly pro-Israel lobbying group that far and away is Levin’s biggest financial backer and was an early supporter of Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a fierce antisemite who advocates a global Israel boycott to weaken the country.

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Joe Biden’s Regulatory Destruction

Americans appreciate first-hand the damage Joe Biden has done to the economy when they buy food and gas or experience shortages of once readily available staples. Not yet understood is the possibly irreversible damage Biden has done to U.S. regulatory agencies.

Under Biden’s watch, CDC has lost all credibility, the FDA its two top vaccine experts, the FTC is experiencing a staff stampede, a senior Justice department official was secretly receiving nearly $1 million from Stanford University, an FCC nomination is moribund, and the NHTSA is underfunded.

Biden’s only been on the job for 19 months. Imagine the regulatory state of America if Biden remains in office for a full term.

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Gretchen Whitmer Played WaPo for Fools

Michigan governor played Washington Post reporter Ruby Cramer for a fool. What’s troubling is the Post recently declared Cramer as one of her generation’s “dynamic talents.”

Here’s another example of why Americans shouldn’t make political determinations and judgements based on what they read in the legacy media.

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