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Mary Barra Mocks Mayor Pete’s Road Safety Plans

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg claims he wants to improve road safety in America, and recently announced $800 million in taxpayer giveaways to various cities and towns to finance infrastructure improvements. If Buttigieg was genuinely serious about improving road safety, he would heed mounting warnings from transportation safety officials and automotive reviewers and call for an immediate ban of GM’s Hummer EV.

That GM CEO Mary Barra aims to profit from such a monster vehicle whose brakes are widely regarded as inadequate, suggests a certain moral and ethical depravity.

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China’s Ballooning Michigan EV Battery Plants

Michigan taxpayers appear on the verge of subsidizing a joint venture between Ford and a China-owned battery company that Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin wanted no part of.

“I would have loved to have had Ford come to Virginia and build a battery plant if they were not using it as a front for a company that is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party,” Youngkin said on Bloomberg TV.

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FDA Hero Marion Gruber Joins Vaccine Nonprofit

When the history of the pandemic is written, few, if any, heroes will likely emerge from the Biden Administration, the FDA and CDC. Former FDA vaccine chief Marion Gruber and her deputy Phil Krause were the notable exceptions.

Learning this morning where Gruber has landed made my day.

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Steve Kirsch’s Deceptive Vaccine Truths

Millionaire tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch turned investigative journalist is running circles around the corporate media ferreting out alarming information about Covid vaccines and treatments. Unfortunately, his interpretation of what he uncovers too often is recklessly incorrect.

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Josh Guetzkow’s CDC Vaccine Safety FOIA

About a half dozen publications, including CNN, reported Friday that the CDC had identified a possible safety issue with the bivalent Covid-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech but the agency insisted that it’s likely a statistical quirk and nothing to worry about. The CDC urged people to keep jabbing themselves with the vaccine.

I was impressed the CDC felt compelled to disclose a danger it deemed insignificant, but I’ve since learned there was another possible reason for the agency’s transparency.

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The Reprogramming of Dr. Jordan Peterson

The demand from Ontario’s College of Psychologists that Dr. Jordan Peterson confess he sinned for making impolitic comments and undergo a “coaching program” of remedial education has drawn international attention as to why Canada will never realize its formidable potential.

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The Deceptions of NYT’s Truth Czar Tiffany Hsu

Meet Tiffany Hsu, the New York Times tech reporter responsible for covering “misinformation and disinformation.” That makes her the publication’s arbiter of what constitutes truth.

A recent article by Hsu about the supposed rise of Covid misinformation is a case study on how the Times deceives its readers with its preferred narratives.

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