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The Cowards Running U.S. Hospitals

Here’s a clickbait idea for U.S. business publications: The annual Corporate Cowardice Awards. Although it’s only March, this year’s recipient is a no brainer – The American Hospital Association. Wright L. Lassiter III, the trade group’s 2022 chair and CEO of Detroit’s Henry Ford Health System, is most deserving of accepting the award on behalf of his industry’s executive colleagues.

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Viewpoint on Cathedral of Christ the Savior to Kremlin in Moscow and skyscrapers

Putin’s “Socially Responsible” War Investors

I didn’t think it possible, but my skepticism of socially responsible investing sank even lower upon learning that ESG funds are among the holders of Russia’s sovereign debt. Put another way, ESG investors helped finance Putin’s war machine.

Some additional thoughts on the LGBTQ+ hypocrisy of Disney and its employees, San Francisco’s official boycott of 28 states, and the cost to insure a Tesla Model 3.

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SNL TikTok Parody No Laughing Matter

SNL’s latest cold open imagined the virtual meeting White House officials held last week with about 30 TikTok “influencers.” Watching the parody, I wondered if millennials whose worldviews are shaped by TikTok influencers found it all that funny.

The SNL characters didn’t seem all that exaggerated.

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Ronn Torossian and the “Ethics” of PR

PR professionals expressing the loudest outrage about disgraced PR executive Ronn Torossian should be mindful that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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MIAMI, USA - AUGUST 23, 2018: Newsweek magazine with Elon Musk on main page in a hand. Newsweek is an American famous and popular weekly magazine

Elon Musk’s Faux Free Speech Pledge

Elon Musk this weekend said he declined to heed calls from several countries to block Russian news sites from his Starlink internet satellites amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “Sorry to be a free speech absolutist,” Musk told his Twitter bros.

Consumers in China know first-hand that Musk only supports free speech when it suits him or his business interests. Speaking of hypocrisy, a shoutout for GM CEO Mary Barra.

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There’s Something About Dr. Mary Bowden

Meet Dr. Mary Bowden, the Houston ENT doc willing to brave the government, the medical establishment, and a hostile media to practice medicine and treat covid patients as she sees fit.

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Google Maps & Justin Trudeau’s Media Brownshirts

Hitler had the Brownshirts, who were responsible for the intimidation of his political opponents. Justin Trudeau and his deputy Chrystia Freeland have Google Maps and the Canadian media, which glosses over their ties to George Soros, the controversial billionaire hedge fund investor.

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Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - January 29, 2022: People on the Highway Overpass Supporting the Freedom Rally and the protest of the Truck Drivers against Vaccine Mandate.

Why Canadians Should Fear Their Own Media

Journalists have traditionally considered it their responsibility to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Many Canadian journalists, some of them friends, supporters, and former colleagues of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, prefer to support and promote their government’s fascist objectives.

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Canadian Leader Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi Links

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has dismissed Canadian protesters and those who support them as a fringe group of Nazi and racist sympathizers. That included Melissa Lantsman, the first Jewish member of Canada’s Conservative Party and a descendant of Holocaust survivors.

If Trudeau is genuinely concerned about those who sympathize with swastikas and are looking to undermine Democracy, he should consider looking on his side of Parliament.

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SACRAMENTO, USA - SEPTEMBER 13: ARCO pump station on September 13, 2013 in Sacramento, California. Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) is an American oil company with more than 1,300 gas stations in the western part of the US.

Why America Needs Higher Gas Prices

President Biden promised on Monday “to work like the devil” to bring down gas prices, but he’s mistaken. America’s working-class people need to do more to facilitate the transfer of wealth to America’s one percent. At the end of the day, America’s electric vehicle policies are designed to do just that.

Please allow me to explain why.

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