My Rabbi’s Israel YYZ Rescue Raid Warning

After Israel conducted its daring 1976 raid to rescue Jewish hostages held by Palestinian terrorists at Uganda’s Entebbe airport, the rabbi of my family’s Toronto synagogue warned that one day Israel might need to send troops to rescue Canadian Jews at the city’s airport. I thought the rabbi’s statement was preposterous.
What’s happening in Canada in wake of the Hamas massacre of 1,400 Israeli civilians has demonstrated my rabbi knew what he was talking about.

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Hamas Barbarians Play Biased Media for Fools

The mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, should be ashamed and doing some serious soul searching.

Rest assured, they aren’t.

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The Fearless Zionism of Henry (the Deuce) Ford

If American ears are ringing these days, it’s possibly because of the deafening silence of CEOs who are too afraid to forcibly speak out against the barbaric atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists in Israel last week.

There was once an American CEO who was unrelenting in his business and monetary support for Israel. His name was Henry Ford II, and his defiant support of Israel despite Arab boycotts distinguished him from his virulent Jew-hating grandfather.

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Kanye Exposes America’s Pervasive Jew Hatred

The legacy media is feigning a concern about Trump having dinner with avowed Jew haters, but their motivation is to discredit Trump, not a genuine worry about the spread of antisemitism.

The bigger story is that a big swath of America shares Kanye West’s views, including many journalists who work for the legacy media.

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Andy Levin’s Vile AIPAC Smear

“It’s all about the Benjamins baby.”

That was Rep. Ilan Omar’s infamous 2019 tweet accusing the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC of having undue influence on U.S. politics. Michigan Rep. Andy Levin is trying to smear his liberal AIPAC-supported primary opponent with the same argument, albeit a tad more subtly.

Here’s some insight about J Street, the supposedly pro-Israel lobbying group that far and away is Levin’s biggest financial backer and was an early supporter of Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a fierce antisemite who advocates a global Israel boycott to weaken the country.

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Skyscrapers at Detroit United state of America.

Rashida Tlaib’s Jew Hating Hurts Michigan

Michigan is in the midst of a major leadership crisis. The state can’t attract major investments — Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana have all feasted on Michigan’s manufacturing lunch. Much of the blame rests with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer but Rep. Rashida Tlaib is also part of the problem.

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