The Mocking of a Cybertrucker’s Manhood

The Center for Automotive Safety recently questioned the manhood of anyone who would buy Elon Musk’s Cybertruck because it weighs some 6,000 pounds. CAS was stereotyping in its assumption that only insecure men would be attracted to a monster electric pickup.

Turns out the most famous driver of GM’s EV Hummer, which weighs more than 9,000 pounds, is a woman.

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GM Mary Barra’s $10 Billion Smash-and-Grab

There was once a maxim holding that what was good for GM was good for America. Under the leadership of CEO Mary Barra, GM has come to embody all that’s wrong with America.

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The Humility of JB Straubel and RJ Scaringe

To understand why GM and Ford have failed so miserably adopting to the EV world, appreciating the personalities and business approaches of Tesla co-founder JB Straubel and Rivian founder RJ Scaringe is a good starting point.

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GM Mary Barra’s ‘Driverless’ Cruise Debacle

GM CEO Mary Barra is going to need all her corporate Houdini skills to escape culpability for her multi-billion dollars ‘driverless’ taxi Cruise disaster.

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Mary Barra’s Kick to Jim Farley’s EV Cojones

If Ford CEO Jim Farley’s movements seem labored these days, it’s because he’s reeling from a potentially devastating blow GM CEO Mary Barra has dealt to his EV aspirations.

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“The Donald” vs. “Comrade Bernie” MI Showdown

If Donald Trump makes good on his plans to visit Detroit next week to schmooze striking auto workers, he will be facing Sen. Bernie Sanders’ formidable UAW surrogates and Ford Motor Co., a corporation that openly supports keeping him out of office.

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