Canadian flag waving with Parliament Buildings hill and Library in the background

Google Maps & Justin Trudeau’s Media Brownshirts

Hitler had the Brownshirts, who were responsible for the intimidation of his political opponents. Justin Trudeau and his deputy Chrystia Freeland have Google Maps and the Canadian media, which glosses over their ties to George Soros, the controversial billionaire hedge fund investor.

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Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - January 29, 2022: People on the Highway Overpass Supporting the Freedom Rally and the protest of the Truck Drivers against Vaccine Mandate.

Why Canadians Should Fear Their Own Media

Journalists have traditionally considered it their responsibility to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Many Canadian journalists, some of them friends, supporters, and former colleagues of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, prefer to support and promote their government’s fascist objectives.

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flag of Ukraine against the blue sky .

Canadian Leader Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi Links

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has dismissed Canadian protesters and those who support them as a fringe group of Nazi and racist sympathizers. That included Melissa Lantsman, the first Jewish member of Canada’s Conservative Party and a descendant of Holocaust survivors.

If Trudeau is genuinely concerned about those who sympathize with swastikas and are looking to undermine Democracy, he should consider looking on his side of Parliament.

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Canada national flag background texture.

The Dangerous Arrogance of Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is deserving of sympathy. He inherited the arrogance of his father, former PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau, but not his father’s intellect. Arrogance without intellect is dangerous for someone in a position of considerable power and authority.

The entire world is witnessing just how dangerous.

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Spring, 2016 - Washington DC, USA - News room at the Washington Post. Newsroom of a major American newspaper

Philip Bump and His Ailing Washington Post

If the Washington Post wasn’t a ward of billionaire Jeff Bezos, its future would be far from assured. National correspondent Philip Bump is Exhibit A as to what ails the publication.

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South Africa flag, 3D realistic wavy banner. Vector South Africa Republic national flag and Independence Day symbol of green Y shape and black triangle on red and blue background

Omicron and the Intrepid Dr. Coetzee

Researching Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the doctor who diagnosed the first cases of the Omicron variant in South Africa, I came to appreciate that she’s part of a feisty medical establishment that stands up to government interference. Coetzee is chair of the South African Medical Association, which puts the American Medical Association to shame.

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Beijing / China - March 13, 2014: Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, top leadership of the Communist Party of China at a session in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing

China’s Steve Simon WTA Nightmare

President Xi Jinping, Communist China’s president for life, has long enjoyed subjugating U.S. corporations and their chief executives to his will. Steve Simon is the rare U.S. business executive willing to forfeit tens of millions of dollars rather than ignore Xi’s human rights atrocities.

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