NEW YORK - APRIL 4, 2017: NYU Langone Medical Center Ambulance in midtown Manhattan

The NYTimes’ BS Attack on NYU Langone’s ER

I never imagined I’d come to defend the management of a major U.S. hospital but reading the New York Times’ attempted takedown of NYU Langone’s ER, my sympathies lie with New York’s premier healthcare facility.

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OXFORD, UK - JAN 7 2017: Twitter social network logo with a blank speech bubble

The Twits Who Censored Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

When I think blacklists, I immediately imagine the McCarthy era. But it has been revealed that Twitter’s censors previously maintained blacklists, and among those whose tweets were suppressed was an impeccably credentialed Stanford professor with a medical degree and a PhD.

His sin? Disagreeing with U.S. government pandemic policies.

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Wajahat Ali’s Threats to U.S. Democracy

I’ve come to believe that people who declare themselves the biggest protectors of American democracy too often are the most formidable threats to fair and honest elections. To substantiate this position, I offer you Wajahat Ali, a contributor to the New York Times and MSNBC.

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Why Mainstream Journalists Fear Matt Taibbi

Journalism was once a profession dominated by people who wanted to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Independent journalist Matt Taibbi still adheres to that principle, which is why the mainstream media wants to take him down.

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On My Mind: November 25, 2022

Some thoughts on whether to believe Elon Musk or a publication co-founded by an editor responsible for two major journalism disgraces and funded by the former CEO of the FTX crypto exchange; former FBI honcho Frank Figliuzzi disgraces MSNBC; and why CBS News keeps Edward R. Murrow rolling his grave.

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Food buffet catering dishes in steel bain-maries

Elon Musk’s War on Entitled Twitter Workers

The New York Times reported on Friday that Twitter “teeters on the edge” after 1,200 employees resigned rather than accept Elon Musk’s demand to accept a “hardcore” work culture. Perhaps that’s true, but if Musk is successful transforming Twitter into a profitable company with less than half its previous workforce, it will further underscore how tech company valuations are grossly inflated.

It hurts to admit this, but here’s why I’m rooting for Musk.

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Illustration of cute Planets in a circle of stars. Cartoon universe for children: Sun, Earth, Moon. Beautiful friendly planets hand drawing for childrens textile design. Vector illustration

FTX, President Biden, and the Intercept Orbit

As deftly reported by Ashley Rindsberg in the online magazine Tablet, the media played an integral role creating the myth of Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced CEO of crypto exchange FTX.

Bankman-Fried donated to various publications, including the Intercept, an online publication that possibly contributed to the election of President Biden.

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Mark Solheim: The Dale Carnegie of ESG Investing

I’ve long opposed ESG, or so-called socially responsible investing, because it legitimizes the activities of some companies that do very bad things. So when I retrieved the November issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance this past weekend and found the publication touting ESG on its cover, my instinct was to toss it in the garbage and cancel my subscription. Reading editor Mark Solheim’s justification for the cover story decision didn’t change my views on ESG, but he made me feel good about subscribing to Kiplinger’s.

Solheim is the rare journalist who knows how to win friends and influence people. His column is a masterful example of engagement. Corporate governance commentator Nell Minow and Toronto Globe and Mail reporter Rita Trichur would be wise to read it.

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Kitty Genovese & NYTimes’ BYU Racism Hoax

In 1964, the New York Times published what still ranks among the most damaging false stories in U.S. media history: 37 witnesses heard the screams of a bartender named Kitty Genovese being stabbed and not one of them intervened or call the police. The story sparked what became known as the “bystander effect,” a theory that held that when multiple people witness a crime or acts of wrongdoing, they are less likely to intervene than when a single witness observes a crime.

Here’s a modern-day twist on the bystander effect: When someone is accused of racism and dozens of persons know that the allegations are false, they are less likely to intervene than if only one person knows for certain.

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Karen Bass: L.A.’s Gun Owner Mayor Wannabe

A professional politician who can’t properly secure her guns in a crime-ridden city and accepted a lucrative scholarship that figured prominently in a corruption investigation is unfit to lead the City of Angels.

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