Americans who watched the presidential debate last night should be engulfed with feelings of profound sadness and unbridled rage. The sadness is for President Joe Biden, who despite more than a half century serving in Congress will be forever remembered as a dithering hollow man who soiled his legacy with a disastrous debate performance that hopefully Americans will never again witness. The anger should be directed at the legacy U.S. media, whose lies and deceptions were ultimately responsible for Biden’s public humiliation.

For readers of what the legacy media derides as the “right wing echo chamber,” Biden’s performance wasn’t a surprise. Biden’s mental acuity decline has been chronicled for years in the conservative media, with considerable speculation that he possibly couldn’t finish his first term, let alone serve another four years. Breitbart did a formidable job aggregating videos and interviews making it abundantly clear that Biden was deteriorating.

Two weeks ago, Breitbart featured this interview with Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, who served as the White Physician for three presidents, declaring that Biden was clearly unfit to serve as America’s commander in chief.

“Everyone has had a relative that’s gone through this, and everyone you talk to is like, I know exactly what that is,” Jackson said. “I had an aunt and uncle, a grandparent that went through this process. You know, that’s Alzheimer’s. That’s dementia of some sort. That’s Parkinson’s. That’s multi-infarct dementia,” Jackson said, asserting that Biden was dealing with some “serious cognitive issues related to his age, not allowing him to function.”

NYTimes, June 21, 2022

The New York Times last week published this story promoting the White House narrative that videos circulating on conservative media were manipulated “deep fakes” and lacking “context.” It is my hope that anyone who watched the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn testify before Congress about how “context” could possibly justify Jew hatred demonstrations on their campuses is instinctively wary whenever that word is mentioned in the legacy media.

One of the three authors of the Times’ story was Tiffany Hsu, who I presciently warned about. Hsu, a Columbia journalism and business grad, is a technology reporter specializing in “misinformation.” Establishment reporters claiming to be the watchdogs of false information invariably use that perch to promote the media’s preferred narratives. Hsu’s Biden video story serves as a textbook example.

Hsu, and her colleagues who co-authored her story, Katie Glueck and Ang Li, should feel embarrassed and ashamed in wake of last night’s debate, as should the New York Times. I doubt that’s the case, as the Times for years has gotten away with one false reporting scandal after another. It has justifiably earned the moniker, “The newspaper of false narratives.”

Whenever I think of false narratives, the Times’ Apoorva Mandavilli immediately springs to mind.  

Mandavilli, a science reporter, at the height of the pandemic slimed as racists critics who speculated that the Covid virus escaped from the Wuhan lab in China. Various government agencies have since concluded that the Covid virus did indeed escape from the Wuhan lab, and ProPublica, among the most credible publications in America, published a story validating some disturbing allegations about the Wuhan lab.

ProPublica, Oct. 28, 2022

In looking up Mandavilli, I was shocked to read this story she authored last month acknowledging that well, yes, the Covid vaccine had some serious side effects that haven’t been taken seriously. Mandavilli quoted Dr. Janet Woodcock, the acting head of the FDA during the pandemic who was widely regarded as a shill for Big Pharma, saying she believed that some vaccine recipients had experienced uncommon but “serious” and “life-changing” reactions beyond those described by federal agencies. 

“I feel bad for those people,” Woodcock said. “I believe their suffering should be acknowledged, that they have real problems, and they should be taken seriously.”

“I’m disappointed in myself,” Woodcock added. “I did a lot of things I feel very good about, but this is one of the few things I feel I just didn’t bring it home.”

At the height of the pandemic, there were some brave physicians and scientists who warned that the Covid vaccines had some serious risks, but they were dismissed by the Biden Administration as nut jobs, pilloried in the legacy media, and censored on social media. Mandavilli neglected to mention in her latest story that under Woodcock’s leadership, the FDA ran social media notices maligning ivermectin, a drug first used to treat parasitic diseases and is included on WHO’s essential medicines list, as a veterinary medicine. Physicians who said ivermectin was effective in treating early stage Covid patients suffered severe career consequences.

The FDA as part of a legal settlement last March agreed to remove all its public references dishonestly describing ivermectin as a veterinary drug.  The settlement received virtually no media coverage.

Washington Post, June 15, 2024

The Washington Post, which still is mistaken for the distinguished newspaper that broke the Watergate scandal the same year Joe Biden became the seventh youngest person ever elected to Congress, implicitly defended Biden’s cognitive abilities when it published this AP story deriding Trump for referring to Ronnie Jackson as Ronnie Johnson.

The Post understandably has a soft spot for the AP, which is where its recently departed editor Sally Buzbee was recruited from. Under Buzbee’s watch, the Post lost half its readership hiring the likes of reporters like infamous Taylor Lorenz, who recently made news retweeting an internet conspiracy theory by Briahna Joy Gray that Israel was training dogs to rape Palestinian prisoners. Gray is a former spokesperson for Sen. Bernie Sanders who was recently fired from an anchor position on The Hill’s broadcast after she rolled her eyes while interviewing the sister of an Israeli woman kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas.

Lorenz this week also peddled a false claim that a Los Angeles synagogue whose congregants were attacked by a Jew hating mob were meeting to auction off Palestinian land. The Post’s team of Al Jazeera alumni no doubt was so proud of Lorenz and her advancement of their anti Israel propaganda efforts.

The legacy media’s dishonesty and deceptions are well known and documented, but what’s troubling is reporters with agendas are still treated as legitimate and allowed to influence America’s elections.

Axios Detroit, June 28, 2024

The media has begun pounding the drumbeats for Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to step in and replace Joe Biden, which New York Times columnist Bret Stephens advocated even before Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

In February, the Times published this gushing profile of Whitmer, and a week ago it published this fawning Q and A. The articles promoted false narratives that Whitmer is competent and qualified to serve as president, yet don’t cite any material accomplishments she’s achieved as governor. The articles are accompanied with glamour shots of Whitmer, highlighting her physical attractiveness and distracting from her legions of undeniable failures.

I’ve written quite a bit about Whitmer and the harm she’s caused Michigan. GM CEO Mary Barra and Ford chair Bill Ford have repeatedly played Whitmer for a fool, getting her to divert billions of taxpayer monies to their companies and projects under the guise of creating jobs, while moving their most lucrative positions to California. Whitmer, who spearheaded controversial legislation that was introduced and passed at midnight, is a far greater threat to democracy than Donald Trump. The folks in rural Marshall will back me on this and will bust their guts laughing at any mention that Whitmer cares about the environment and ensuring the safety of Michigan’s water supply.


I’ve also warned about California Gov. Gavin Newsom, another favored media candidate to step in for Biden. If anyone embodies white male privilege it’s Gavin Newsom, who can be counted on to protect the interests of his fellow one percenters, even at the expense of his lofty environmental mandates.

Although I try to avoid breast beating, I did previously warn about Kamala Harris and her unsuitability for higher office.

I’ve never cared for Joe Biden, and never stopped thinking of him as Senator MBNA who plagiarized the work of others and embodied the guile and entitlement of media-favored Beltway politicians. But watching Biden’s public humiliation last night was most unpleasant, despite the serious harm his administration and his media enablers have caused America.

I’m going to end with a video a reader shared with me of Newsmax anchor Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL who served in Iraq and played a role on Trump’s transition team. Higbie’s rant reminded me of the “I’m mad as hell” rant by fictional anchor Howard Beale in the movie Network, which in the 70s correctly envisioned today’s U.S. broadcast media.

Behold an example of life imitating art.

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