GM and Ford Have Betrayed America

Despite being headquartered in the Detroit area, GM and Ford have become unabashedly unpatriotic with regards to the manufacturing of their vehicles. And Trump MAGA supporters tooling around in GM and Ford pickup trucks, particularly the Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra 1550, are either blissfully ignorant or shameless hypocrites.

Pickup owners who love and want to support the most “Made in America” truck proudly drive a Honda Ridgeline.

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Michigan’s ‘Hot off the Lot’ Car & Truck Heists

How could thieves make off with 13 muscle F-150 Raptor trucks valued at $1 million and six $80,000 high performance Mustangs from the factory lots where they were stored?

Ford CEO Jim Farley no doubt was recently asking the same question.

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The Media’s Takedown of Elon Musk

The media is out to take down Elon Musk, and last week they demonstrated how low they’re willing to go. Here’s why Americans must draw a line in the sand and show zero tolerance for the media’s dishonest and puerile agenda.

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An electric car and dollar banknotes

The Urgent Need for an ‘EV Anonymous’ Group

I was encouraged learning in recent days that people way better credentialed than me aren’t punch drunk drinking the Biden Administration’s and media’s Kool-Aid triumphing America’s accelerated conversion to electric vehicles. Unfortunately, those who question the narrative are quickly dismissed as “right wing” Republican “climate change deniers.”

There’s an urgent need for a self-help group modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous for people with the sobriety to appreciate America’s EV conversion is poorly planned and executed by frighteningly ignorant political leaders with no clue as to the dangers of their policies.

Allow me to explain why the conversion should already be sounding alarm bells.

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KIEV, UKRAINE - NOV 21, 2014:  Vice President of USA Joe Biden during a meeting with President of Ukraine  Petro Poroshenko in Kiev

Elon Musk’s Just Disdain for Joe Biden

Until this past weekend, I was appalled by Elon Musk’s public disparagement of President Biden. But after Biden’s belittlement of the entrepreneur’s space exploration efforts and the president’s false representations of Ford Motor Co., I’ve come to appreciate Musk’s willingness to publicly articulate what most Americans are thinking.

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Geppetto`s house with Pinocchio on the table setup in Disneystore located at Shibuya, Tokyo

Liar, Liar, Ford’s On Fire

Given the ethical state of the legacy media these days, it comes as no surprise that Ford’s $19.2 million multistate settlement for deceptive advertising was mostly ignored. Here’s why the settlement was a very big deal.

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Group of happy young people having dinner in the restaurant

Lyndsay Green’s Issue with Detroit’s White Diners

I’m possibly the only person who dares to publicly challenge the recent diatribe by Detroit Free Press restaurant columnist Lyndsay Green about too many whites frequenting a handful of swanky restaurants in downtown Detroit.

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Skyscrapers at Detroit United state of America.

Rashida Tlaib’s Jew Hating Hurts Michigan

Michigan is in the midst of a major leadership crisis. The state can’t attract major investments — Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana have all feasted on Michigan’s manufacturing lunch. Much of the blame rests with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer but Rep. Rashida Tlaib is also part of the problem.

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Handsome young man having relax massage in the spa

Musk’s Massage & the Media’s White Privilege

The New York Times and other media have reported that a story published by an online clickbait publication alleging that Elon Musk exposed himself during a massage could derail his proposed acquisition of Twitter. It speaks volumes that the media thinks the dubiously sourced story is of much greater significance than a report by California’s civil rights commission alleging systemic racism at Tesla’s Northern California plant.

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