SVB’s Bailout: Fleecing America’s Working Class

The Biden Administration’s bailout of Silicon Valley Bank’s customers is part of an ongoing wealth transfer program designed to widen economic disparity in America.

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Elon Musk: The Climate Emperor Has No Clothes

Elon Musk claims to be an environmentalist. But faced with a choice to maximize Tesla’s profits or causing potential harm to the environment, Musk opts for the money.

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The Blood-Stained Ledgers of America’s CEOs

Bloomberg reported today that more than six months before February’s toxic train derailment, a union representing Norfolk Southern Corp. employees in Ohio warned federal regulators that the railroad repeatedly disregarded its own safety rules for screening trains.

Here’s why U.S. corporations knowingly putting the public at risk is a “Dog Bites Man” story.

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Michigan: China’s Strategic Gateway to America

Reading up on the Michigan communities Ford and GM plan to grace with their EV battery plants, I’ve come to appreciate and fear the brilliance of communist China’s leadership and feel for the thousands of Michiganders of modest economic means who have effectively been disenfranchised.

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Why Tree Huggers Must Save Marshall, MI

Ford’s F-150 Lightning electric pickup is an affront to environmentalists and the people of Marshall, MI shouldn’t be forced to give up farmland to help build it, particularly as the vehicle is useless for anyone genuinely requiring a pickup truck.

Some thoughts on how the more than $1 billion in subsidies Michigan plans to give Ford to build an electric battery plant could be better used elsewhere.

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Why China Helped Elect Justin Trudeau

Some thoughts on reports that China interfered in Canada’s election and worked to elect Justin Trudeau, Palo Alto is officially America’s EV Motor City, more bad press for Ford’s Jim Farley, and a heart-breaking feature about the closing of the oldest Starbucks in Detroit.

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The EV Exploitation of Michigan Taxpayers

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Michiganders applauding Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for showering Ford Motor Co. with $1 billion in incentives to build an electric battery plant and supposedly create 2,500 jobs would be wise to reflect on Einstein’s wisdom.

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Lina Khan: God’s Gift to Hospital CEOs & Amazon

President Biden in July 2021 called on the DOJ and Federal Trade Commission to “vigorously” enforce antitrust laws and recognize “that the law allows them to challenge prior bad mergers that past Administrations did not previously challenge.” FTC head Lina Khan chose to ignore the message and allow two mega-mergers, and today signaled to Amazon she won’t move to block the company’s acquisition of One Medical.

Also abetting hospital industry mega mergers is Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.

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