Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone AI Warning

Some thoughts on Rod Serling’s prescient warning about AI nearly 60 years ago; the shamelessness of Silicon Valley billionaire Marc Andreessen; and Elon Musk’s disdain for homeless persons.

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My Dream Job: President of the UAW

Heading the UAW at this economic juncture is an opportunity to publicize and address America’s growing wealth disparity. Shawn Fain, who heads the autoworkers’ union, has so far demonstrated he’s not up to the challenge.

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Jennifer Granholm’s Inner Hunter Biden

Proterra, a California-based electric bus manufacturer and energy storage developer repeatedly hailed by President Biden, filed for bankruptcy yesterday, causing the company’s shares to tank. Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s Secretary of Energy, previously served on Proterra’s board and pocketed $1.6 million when she sold her shares to an undisclosed buyer.

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Ford’s Heavyweight Beltway Swamp Creatures

The Department of Energy’s sweetheart $9.2 billion loan to Ford Motor Co. to finance the company’s EV projects in Tennessee and Kentucky had a bad odor to it. Thankfully, Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso agrees, and a letter he wrote to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm helped connect the dots.

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San Francisco’s Inequitable Concierge Police

Today marks the three-year anniversary of San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s media celebrated decision to reduce the city’s law enforcement budget by $120 million and redirect the funds to better serve the city’s African American community. Now some city officials want to bring back a security protection initiative from the lawless days of the Gold Rush that likely only the affluent can afford.

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Carlos Tavares’ Inspiring Stellantis Leadership

The media isn’t fond of Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares because he says demand for EVs are artificially driven by government mandates and subsidies and complying with those mandates could lead to a shortage of raw materials necessary to produce enough battery driven vehicles.

Nevertheless, Stellantis has ambitious EV plans for the U.S. market, including launching a truck with 500 miles of range that could prove a competitive threat to GM’s and Ford’s lucrative truck businesses.

Unlike the CEOs of GM and Ford, Tavares has demonstrated he knows how to execute.

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